Air Suspension

The air suspension is one of the types of car suspensions, the characteristic difference of which is the ability to change (adjust) the ride height, as well as provide increased comfort and the ability to maintain the ride height when the car is loaded.

Advantages of Zekkert air suspension elements:

  • High-quality materials. The air hose, installed in all Zekkert air bellows, is made of natural rubber with polychloroprene the bearing components of each Zekkert air spring are made of anti-corrosion treated aluminum, which ensures high wear resistance and has a positive effect on the service life of the air suspension elements.
  • Resistance to critical temperatures. The element’s operating capacity is maintained at temperatures from -40 to +80 C.
  • Reliability in use. The air hose with a double power cord is at least 3 mm thick.
  • Structural strength. Zekkert’s air suspension elements are manufactured on automated lines using laser and friction welding.
  • Highly accurate chrome-plated coating. The piston rods of the shock absorbers are chrome-plated in an electroplating bath.
  • 100% leakage test. All elements undergo a 100% leakage test under operating pressure.