Brake hoses are important parts in such a key system of the automobile as a braking system. The compliance of Zekkert brake hoses with the DOT, SAE J1401 and FMVSS106 quality standards is confirmed by independent AMECA laboratory. Thus, it is possible to ensure the quality, that meets international standards. The Advantages of Zekkert products are:

  • Outstanding resistance to pressure and environment. Zekkert hose design includes four layers: EPDM polymer reinforced by PET, SBR and NBR butadiene rubbers layer, reinforcing fiber layer with PVOH and outer polymer layer of EPDM. Such design provides stable thermal, chemical, pressure and mechanical resistance.
  • Durability and leakproofness. 100% of Zekkert brake hoses pass the air pressure test. Zekkert hoses are treated with a lubricant in the places of metal fitting connections. That eliminates the possibility of cracks and bursts.
  • Adaptability to extreme conditions. Zekkert hoses go through detailed checking: whip test at 800 rpm, low temperature resistance bending test at -48 C, withstand testing by pressure up to 276 bar and burst pressure testing at 1100 bar.
  • OE-materials. Zekkert brake hoses are made of the best materials supplied by companies such as Denka, Dupont and Lanxess which are leaders of the industry and also cooperate with manufacturers of original parts.
  • Corrosion resistance. All the metal fittings of Zekkert brake hoses are zinc-coated, that guarantees the corrosion resistance. The hoses pass a 24-hour corrosion resistance test in salt spray chamber.
  • Free brake fluid circulation. Zekkert hoses are manufactured by highly-automated computer-controlled equipment. It guarantees the compliance of the brake hoses design to the international standards. This, in turn, ensures free circulation of brake fluid through the hose.