Running car engine creates vibration that is transmitted to the body of the car and increases the noise level in the cabin. For the best resolution of this problem, exhaust pipes of German company Zekkert are installed in the exhaust system.

  • High fracture resistance is provided due to exhaust pipe special construction, pipe resists fracture in the most "problematic" area of the joint bellow with flange;
  • Optimal balance between flexibility and stiffness is provided by carefully calibrated thickness of the bellow (0,25-0,4 mm);
  • Burning out resistance – due to the use high-grade nickel-plated corrosion resistant steel or chrome-plated steel with high resistance to oxidation, temperature and corrosive action;
  • Highly flexible small-diameter exhaust pipes is provided due to optimal winding (36, 48 or 64 rolls)
  • Highly strength of large-diameter exhaust pipes (with an increased to 96, 120 or 144 rolls in bellow’s construction);
  • High degree of shrinkage – up to 14,4 mm (under the pressure 1,95 kN);
  • Increased service lifespan exceeds existing counterpart’s analogues by 168% (standard test cycle - loading amplitude ± 5 mm at a frequency of 6 Hz).
  • Preserving integrity of construction - no buckling and breaks of winding even after long-term usage.