CV Joints supplied by Zekkert GmbH – is a combination of high-tech solutions and impeccable quality. Our products guarantee comfortable and smooth vehicle operation on freeways and back roads.

Advantages of Zekkert CV Joints:

  • Comfortable driving. High-precision manufacturing process of rolling elements and housings provides smooth and quiet CV Joint operation at any speed.
  • New premium grade Neoprene boots provide total sealing of elements and reliable protection from dust, moisture and sand at - 40⁰C to +80⁰C. Stainless steel clamps securely fix rubber boots during the product lifespan.
  • Trouble-free operation. Highly alloyed steel with carbonized surface is used in production of drive parts. The ultimate strength of groove, inner race and spline is HRC 58-62.
  • Total control. Each Zekkert CV Joint undergoes ultrasonic flaw detection. Metallographic analysis is performed on one CV Joint out of every consignment.
  • Specially formulated Moly grease. Molybdenum grease provides excellent anti-friction and anti-wear properties and prolongs CV Joint service life.
  • Maximum hinge rotation angle. Outer CV Joint allow the maximum rotation angle of 46⁰.
  • Recommended mileage is not less than 100 000 km.