Zekkert’s CV joint rubber boots guarantee that drive shafts will be in hermetic environment and thus will be firmly protected from dust, sand and moisture.
Advantages of Zekkert rubber boots:

  • Material. Neoprene rubber boots are highly efficient and do not lose elasticity within temperatures between –40°C and +80°С. They are highly resistant to shock load, bending, stretching and torsion.
  • Full package. In addition to a rubber boot, you will also find a lubricant, a clamp, a bolt and a circlip in every box which will help you to go the installation process quickly and easily.
  • U-shaped clamps made of stainless steel. The clamps fix rubber boots securely during the whole operational lifetime. They are also easy to use during the installation process.
  • Unique lubricant composition. Molybdic lubricant enables excellent scuffing load capacity and anti-friction properties which prolong the lifespan of a CV joint rubber boots.