Inner fenders by ZEKKERT reliably protect the wheel arches of a car from any negative environmental impact; they prevent corrosion and provide additional safety in winter driving conditions.

The product line includes a wide selection of inner fenders for all popular car models!

Advantages of inner fenders by ZEKKERT:

  • Easy installation. The exact matching of the wheel arch geometry and of all technological openings to the standard mounting points make the installation of the fender quick and easy.
  • Resistance to temperature extremes. The application of high-quality plastic allows our inner fenders to retain their shape and plasticity in extreme temperatures (from -50 to +50 ° C).
  • Resistance to chemical compounds. The inner fenders are not affected by any anti-ice or other aggressive agents.
  • Impact and wear resistance. The inner fenders are resistant to mechanical damage; they protect the wheel arches from small stones and the abrasive-sandblasting effect of the road.
  • Additional noise insulation. The additional felt liner on some models of inner fenders helps to reduce noise vibrations in the cabin.