Tensioner, deflection and guide pulleys, produced by Zekkert, ensure safe operation of timing system, auxiliary units and appliances. The advantages of the components from Zekkert include:

  • High Durability – the use of Japanese bearings by NTN, made of high-carbon steel, and SKF grease, which retains its high lubricating qualities and plasticity at the temperature of -40ºC to 200ºC guarantee high durability of Zekkert tensioners.
  • Wear resistance – Zekkert uses aluminum ADC12 GB and fiber reinforced composite with polyamide PA66 for pulley manufacturing. These components are also used in OEM products. These materials ensure that the product is resistant against extreme temperature changes, strokes and deformations.
  • Extended belt lifetime – smooth surface (with CNC precision 0,001) and minimal deviation tolerances ensure that the tensioner is resistant against vibrations and fluctuations, which extends service life of the belt.
  • Protection from dirt – temperature resistant polymeric seals prevent dirt and dust invasion under any conditions.
  • World quality standards – Zekkert tensioners are manufactured under ISO TS 169 / 49 quality standard. High level of producing conditions is approved by SGS, TUV and D&B.