As key elements of brake system, brake cylinders play crucial role in safe driving. Zekkert master and wheel cylinders ensure:

  • Reliability. Finished products withstand laboratory testing of 300 000 cycles in temperature range between -40 and +120. All production processes from polymer mixing to CNC and super-fine precision are highly automatized. It reduces the risk of human mistakes and allows to control quality on each step of production
  • Long service of rubber seals and gaskets. High quality ethyl propylene rubber EPDM from Japanese brand JSP, used for seal manufacturing, maintains its performance in temperature range from -40 to +120. It is resistant to deformation, aging and any impurities in brake fluid.
  • Total leakage resistance. Tight double construction of seals with high precision of edges guarantee high tightness of sealing, which prevents leakage, dirt, dust and air invasion. 100% of Zekkert’s master and wheel cylinders are tested by compressed air pressure on the factory.
  • High corrosion and wear resistance of the casting. All metal parts are made from high-anodized aluminum, steel and iron with anti-corrosion coating. Besides, cylinder castling parts are all checked on micrometer and cleaned in automatic ultrasonic machine.
  • World quality standards. Zekkert cylinders are manufactured in strict accordance with ISO/TS 16949 and undergo the full cycle of testing under SAE J1601 standard for brake system components.