Radiator is destined to dissipate excessive heat absorbed by coolant from the engine. Construction of a radiator largely determines efficiency of the engine, including operating economy and durability.

  • Optimized Construction of plates provides reliable protection of pipes from damage and directs the airflow to enhance heat transfer. In such case, aerodynamic resistance remains minimal;
  • Solid body remains operational even under considerable temperature drops (-40 ° C to 100 ° C) and high vibration;
  • High-thermal conductivity and flow capacity – at a liquid flow rate of 100 l / min, the temperature difference between the input and output of a radiator reaches 60 ° C (whereas most engines normally operate at difference 10-20 ° C);
  • High manufacturing quality – 100% of products are subjected to a set of factory leakage tests;
  • Long life cycle is provided not only by optimal construction and modern materials, but also by significant corrosion resistance of the radiator;
  • Full conformity with OEM parameters.