Brake system is a complicated and important mechanism responsible for the driving safety. It needs constant service and control.

ZEKKERT offers you new products, that will help to take comprehensive care of the brake system.

Polyalkylene glycol (PAG) based grease for caliper and brake piston guides:

  • prevents corrosion and jamming of guides and pistons;
  • provides uniform wear of the pads and safe braking due to the smooth running of the brake piston;
  • resistant to water washout and road reagents impact;
  • does not cause deformation of the rubber dust covers;
  • suits all types of brake caliper guides, including those with rubber bushings.

Available package: 5 gr stick-pack

DIN classification 51502/51825 KP PG 1/2 S-40.

Anti-slip grease for non-working surfaces and ends of brake pads:

  • prevents creaking, sticking and jamming of the brake mechanism
  • provides even abrasion of break disks and pads;
  • stable to water washout and impact of road chemicals due to high adhesion to surfaces.

Available package: 5 gr stick pack.

DIN Classification 51502/51825 M 3/4 U-20.

Universal caliper’s grease suites all parts of brake system. It is used on non-working surfaces of braking pads, guides, pistons, dust covers and rubber gaskets.

  • provides movability of caliper’s parts, protects against corrosion and wear;
  • heat-resistant (up to + 1000 °C), does not dry out and does not cause jamming of the guides and the piston;
  • protects the surface from water impact, salt and dirt due high adhesion to metals;
  • keeps rubber parts flexible due to synthetic base;
  • is suitable for complex service of brake system, including rubber parts.

Available package: 5 gr stick pack.

DIN classification 51502/51825 M SI 1/2 U-50.