Zekkert suspension auto parts provide necessary directional ability, ride and handling of your car when driving on any type of road surface.

Zekkert trade mark’s assortment includes ball joints, stabilizer links, control arms, tie rod ends, functional efficiency of which directly affects safety and comfort of your driving.

  • Robotic welding. Modern welding robots used during manufacturing process guarantee stable welding quality of every detail.
  • Durability. All production stages of Zekkert suspension parts from metal parts to rubber boots are carried out at a single factory, which subjects products to continuous quality control. Therefore, products can withstand heavy loads and maintain their working effectiveness during the whole lifespan.
  • Surface hardening. Thickness of the ball stud hardened metal layer is 2.5 mm, tensile strength is HRC48-52, this provides increased metal endurance limit and abrasion resistance.
  • High quality metal. We apply high-frequency quenching to all metal parts of Zekkert suspension, which eliminates the possibility of quenching cracks, decarburization and surface corrosion of products.
  • Frost resistant rubber. Rubber boots are made of a special rubber resistant to temperature. Rubber boots retain elasticity and guarantee crack and tear free surface at the temperature range from -45⁰C to +120⁰C.
  • Quality control. We inspect every ball stud using crack detection machine, and 100% of our products pass torque test during assembly process.