Quality of headlamp is the key to driver safety. Zekkert Products have ergonomic design, brightness and high luminous efficiency, which guarantee wide visibility on the road. Modern production technologies and constant quality control provide:

  • Reliability. A fully automated assembly line to ensure precision of the bulb dimensions and lamp filament positioning, constant light output and stable power demand assembles Zekkert auto bulbs.
  • Durability. The implementation of SCHOTT heat resistant silica glass in Zekkert bulbs adds mechanical strength to the product, besides, self-cleaning effect of the bulb, which is achieved due to UV-filter technology, helps to preserve bulb transparency.
  • Strength. High voltage lamp filaments are sensitive to vibrations and hopping. Zekkert bulbs employ fixed extra-strong Philips filament and solid lamp envelope structure, which increases product reliability and durability.
  • Quality. Zekkert autobulbs are manufactured in compliance with the Regulation # 37 of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe.