Zekkert company produces high-quality metal fasteners for alloy and normal wheels: wheel bolts, wheel nuts, wheel studs with different types of seats (cone, ball, flat seat with washer) tuner bolts and tuner nuts, in the size range from M10 to M14 and thread pitch from 1,25 to 1,5 mm. Properly chosen wheel fasteners ensure safe driving for your vehicle.

  • Sturdy material - Zekkert nuts and bolts are made of high-strength carbon steels: 35CrMo4 grade for bolts and 40CR grade for nuts. The strength grade of finished goods is 10.9 (for bolts) and 8.0 (for nuts). These parameters allow threaded joints to withstand repeated application of torque up to 200 N*m.
  • Secure fastening - The thread on the bolts, studs and nuts is made by rolling, it strengthens the body of the bolt, more over the thread is made with interference fit, which guarantees the secure connection. Different designs: with a washer with "self-locking" effect prevent spontaneous loosening and provide additional strength of fastening parts.
  • Rust protection and attractive appearance - To increase the protectability of the metal, an additional anticorrosion coating is applied to the surface - chrome plating, galvanizing, nickel plating, dacromet. Additional protection against corrosion of Zekkert fastening elements increases the durability of the product and guarantees safe operation of the car, and also gives the products an attractive appearance.