Brake repair kits are sets of spare and consumable parts of the working unit of the brake system, which are necessary for the repair and scheduled maintenance of the car.

Types of Zekkert repair kits:

  • Repair kits for brake caliper guides;
  • Dust covers and seals;
  • Brake caliper pistons;
  • Complete set repair kits for brake caliper;
  • Brake pad installation kits.

Advantages of Zekkert repair kits:

  1. All kits are developed in accordance with OEM specification.
  2. The rubber elements of the kits are made of polymer synthetic rubber of a new generation (EPDM). The characteristics of this elastomer help to maintain the elasticity at extremely high and low temperatures
  3. The production line of the plant complies with the IATF 16949 standard, which guarantees high quality products and a minimum number of rejections;
  4. Minimal manufacturing tolerances ensure high dimensional stability;
  5. High-quality materials ensure the reliability and durability of the kit elements.

We remind you that timely maintenance and repair of the brake system guarantee your safety and confidence on the road!