The range of Zekkert passenger-cars clutch includes clutch discs, clutch covers, clutch bearings and clutch kits. Clutch kits consists of a driven disc and a clutch cover. Also, there are kits which include clutch bearings.

  • Noise and vibration control. For production of the diaphragm springs 50СrV4 coil steel is used, which has high limit of elasticity. The part is made of such steel as to ensure a smooth and noiseless transmission.
  • Constant friction coefficient. Friction material corresponds to the highest quality standards and maintains stable friction coefficient limit in the range from 0,35 to 0,45 µ at different operating temperatures.
  • Ride control. There are flexible springs in the construction of the torque torsional damper of Zekkert driven disc, which are made of 60SizMn coil steel. Such springs have static load and fatigue strength and high shock-absorbing capacity. The springs ensure a long lifetime and smooth torque transmission.
  • Ruggedness and corrosion protection. The Clutch hub is made of forged steel and hardened by high frequency currents - it ensures reliability of the unit. Metal meets the highest hardness standards – HRС 28. Every clutch hub is subjected to phosphating to protect the part from the impact of the environment, due to which, reliable corrosion protection can be achieved.
  • Wear resistance. Composite material of friction pads consists of high-strength fiberglass, copper wire and heat-resistant resins. Due to this, it improves heat dissipation, provides equable wearout and stable performance without causing undesirable vibrations. Also, such composite material has low-level of aggressiveness towards the parts which form the friction pair.
  • Long term durability. The body of self-alignment bearing is made of nylon. As nylon material has high sliding performance, so it is not necessary to use grease. Dry sliding friction avoids wedging caused by fouling, which can arise because of high temperature. This ensures a long service life of the component part.