Zekkert is specialized in various types of plastic fasteners, such as fir tree clips, push-fit retainers, screw-fit retainers, grommets, clamps, rivets, tube connectors.

  • Unique combination of hardness and elasticity – Zekkert autoclips are made of high-quality PA66 and POM plastics. Because of the materials’ unique combination of hardness and elasticity, all of the products made of it are resistant to fracture, oils, lubricants and organic solvents. Following characteristics of the products made of PA 66 and POM plastics ensures that all parts made of it are abrasion and fatigue resistant, and have longer lifespan.
  • Stable material characteristics – Raw materials for the manufacture of parts are prepared and mixed on automatic equipment, which ensures stable material characteristics. This avoids the presence of foreign inclusions in the mixture.
  • Stable characteristics under conditions of extreme temperatures – Due to the high thermal stability of the Zekkert clips materials’, the products can be maintained at temperatures from - 60 to +100 ° C.
  • The absence of creaks and vibrations during the driving – The molds are designed using 3D-modeling and manufactured by applying high accuracy method of electroerosion machining.