The German company Zekkert produces modern wheel hubs with different designs, characterized through the following advantages:

  • Quiet running. The quiet run of the wheel hub is crucial for the ride comfort. This is guaranteed by particularly precise CNC machining and smallest tolerances in all components.
  • Low unsprung masses. Optimization of the flange design using the finite element method, thereby reducing weight and improving stability.
  • High quality raw materials. Zekkert uses raw materials of the highest quality for its wheel hubs, such as spring steel with a hardness of 59-64 HRC for high product safety levels and AF-I grease with an operating temperature range of -30 – +180 °C. The adopted rubber materials satisfy the specific requirements for the automotive industry, they are durable against both lubricants and fluids and suitable for use from -40 to +120 °C. They are ageing resistant and grease leaking proof, which can improve the service life by more than 100 %.
  • Construction-dependent wheel bearing types. Zekkert carefully selects the appropriate bearing type between ball and roller bearings according to the hub structure and applied stress and optimizes in this way technical details such as weight, rigidity and required mounting space.
  • Examination of the ABS system. After installation the proper functioning of the ABS components in the wheel hub is checked to 100% using approved systems.
  • Cutting-edge design. The 3rd generation wheel hub assembly permits a simplified installation, high stiffness, simple integration of the ABS sensor and precise preload values.