Our transparent warranty policy is the key to customer confidence in the brand. Zekkert successfully implements its warranty program.

An extremely simple warranty is available for every Zekkert’s customer:

  • A customer needs to provide a receipt to the seller.
  • Moreover to verify whether the part was chosen correctly a client should provide the identification information about the car including VIN.
  • If there is no receipt, the product can also be returned to the store. In this case, the beginning of the warranty period will be the production date of the part indicated on the product.
  • In case of long-term consideration of the application, the customer will get compensation for the defective product.

Warranty conditions:

  • The warranty of Zekkert products is 12 months or 30 000 km* starting from the date the part is sold to the customer.
  • The warranty period for belt tensioners, fuel pumps and water pumps is extended to 18 months, and the product’s maximum mileage is 50 000 km*.
  • Within 30 days from the discovery of the product’s defect, the customer must submit a claim to the store where the product was purchased.

The warranty applies to:

  • Material or production defects.

The warranty does not apply to:

  • cases of unqualified installation and / or signs of restoration;
  • standard operational wear, in the event of the natural changes in the part’s condition, including aging;
  • scheduled part replacement during maintenance
  • if any changes were made to the standard vehicle design that affect the operation of the part;
  • if a part was installed on the vehicle that does not meet the requirements of the vehicle manufacturer and the recommendations of the ZEKKERT ™ catalog;
  • if the part was damaged as a result of careless driving on rough roads, a shock load on the car or in the event of operation in sporting events;
  • if the part was damaged as a result of a road traffic accident, natural disaster, harm caused by third parties or other force majeure circumstances;
  • inappropriate storage;
  • if there are damages caused by the use of materials of low-quality or that do not meet the requirements of the manufacturer, including operational materials such as (but not limited to) lubricants.

The warranty applies to all Zekkert product groups except exhaust pipes, wiper blades, filters (all kinds), metal and plastic fasteners.

To fill out a warranty during a service part installation the customer needs to fill out a warranty card.

Flexible return conditions allow you to confidently recommend Zekkert products to your customers.

To get more detailed information regarding warranty obligations, contact your Zekkert distributor.

* whichever comes first