All the products of this group are intended to absorb vibration while ensuring solid joint connection. Zekkert rubber technical parts feature:

  • effective absorbing of vibration – special shape of internal and external sleeves of silent blocks increases contact area to improve bearing capacity and maximum damping of radial, axial, torsional and cardan joint vibrations;
  • significant noise reduction – high tech vulcanization process and use of special rubber mixtures provide high absorbency of the rubber-metal compound in combination with the strength of the entire construction unit;
  • working capacity in cold climates – rubber technical parts maintain its properties down to -45°С;
  • Resistance to heavy loads – special manufacturing method prevents rubber exfoliation during car operation on the impassable road or/and aggressive driving;
  • High durability – rubber technical parts remain operational and retain elasticity even after severe wear;
  • Full conformity with OEM parameters – modern equipment provides high quality and absolute precision of manufacturing to make sure to avoid any possible set up mistakes. Therefore, operational safety and ease of maintenance of the vehicle increases.