Zekkert brake pads – essential component of the car ensuring the confidence and stillness in any driving situation.

  • Safety. Tests have shown that Zekkert brake pads have a high friction coefficient in all operation modes and comply with SAE J2522 standard and ECE-R90 regulations. They demonstrate the stable braking properties even during intensive braking.
  • Efficiency. Special thermal layer in the brake pad composition prevents the transfer of the heat from the brake pad to the caliper what reduces the risks of the loss of brakes performance due to brake liquid boiling processes or vapor plugs formation.
  • Durability. The quality of the connection of the brake pad with the back plate exceeds the requirements of the ECE-R90 regulations – 2,5 MPa and securely holds the friction material under conditions of high temperature and humidity.
  • Long lifetime. Due to well-balanced friction formulas, Zekkert brake pads protect the brake disc and have increased wear resistance.
  • Comfort. Zekkert brake pads ensure smooth braking, do not creak and in terms of sound level, they comply with SAE J2521 standard.
  • OEM compliance. The design (geometrical parameters, chamfers and slots) as well as the complete set (sensors and mechanical wear indicators) correspond to the original parts.
  • Environmentally friendly. Friction material complies with the international requirements, does not contain the asbestos, heavy metals and harmful chemical compounds.