Zekkert coil springs are important suspension elements that provide the road clearance and comfort necessary during driving.

Advantages of Zekkert coil springs:

  • High-quality materials. Zekkert coil springs are made of high-quality steel in accordance with cold coiling technology and are produced on automated lines.
  • Durability. An important quality of Zekkert springs ensured by the use of shot blasting and plastic cold settlement.
  • Long lifetime. To increase wear resistance, hardness and to protect against corrosion, Zekkert springs undergo a phosphating process. The phosphate film is also an excellent primer for varnish coating.
  • Optimum elasticity. Prevents premature subsidence of the springs through application of compliant heat treatment technology, as well as the use of our cold coiling method.
  • Corrosion protection. Powder coating protects from corrosion.
  • Quality assurance. Zekkert springs undergo 100% hardness, load, tension and coating tests.