Reliability and performance of Zekkert Propeller Shaft and Steering Shaft Universal Joints ensure conformity with the strictest requirements for parts of such vital assembly units of a car.

  • High mechanical strength is ensured by use of high quality sorts of metal (bearing steel with hardness ranging from 58 to 64 HRC) and special technology of preforming (high temperature bulk forming followed by hydraulic press forming )
  • Vibrancy and flapping of the universal joint connected axles are absent due to minimal tolerance of gudgeon roundness (does not exceed 0.005 mm)
  • Operational conditions of needle roller bearings of universal joints are optimized as a result of high accuracy of needle surface finish (roughness value Ra after completed surface treatment makes from 0.44 up to 0.63 mkm) as well as due to additional thrust plate in a universal joint set.
  • Reliable protection of needle roller bearings’ operational surfaces from moisture and dirt ingress are conditioned due to implementation of lip seals made of NBR synthetic rubber and thorough finish of the sealing housings with accuracy amounting to RA 3.2.
  • Increased resource of the special series of universal joints is achieved due to an opportunity to refill bearings’ working grease through special grease nipples during the entire operational period.
  • Final products are subjected to mandatory factory tests of strength, work material minute cracks and precise correspondence to the predefined geometric dimensions.